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  1. Arizona Highways Photo-Workshops in their workshop brochure

  2. Los Angeles Times

  3. Terre Haute Tribune Star

Cameras and Bodies

  1. -Canon 50D

  2. -Canon 40D


  1. -Canon 10-22 zoom

  2. -Canon 28-135 zoom

  3. -Canon 100-400 zoom

Instructed by:

  1. Mark Kettenhofen

  2. J.  Peter Mortimer

  3. Steve Burger

  4. Edward McCain

  5. Gary Ladd


At the age of 16  I fell in love with photography. From the moment that first print materialized in the darkroom, I knew this is what I wanted to do. Then “Life” happened, and 37 years later, I’m finally beginning to pursue my passion.

I’ve had a lot of “Life” experiences in those 37 years, the 16 that preceded it and hopefully the 30 or so that will follow.

One thing I have learned is that the most important thing we can accomplish in life is re-establishing the relationship with our Lord..... A personal relationship, not just believing in God or Jesus Christ, or the Holy Spirit, but knowing Them intimately.

A good place to start is in God’s Word "The Bible".   He wrote it for us to read

.... to get to know Him.  Imagine a father who has been separated from his children writing a diary so his children who never have seen him could know him through his writings.

Your say your not sure you need a personal relationship with God?   I can assure you, you need it as much as you need your next breath of air!  Without Him your world will be empty, unsatisfying, and hopeless as mine was.  With Him your life  will truly be worth living.  You will find true love, fulfillment, and the hope of eternal life with the creator of the universe.

If your ready to start your personal relationship with Jesus Christ or you just want more information, call 1-888-NEED-HIM or log on to

My quest is to use photography as a way to illustrate how GOD and HIS WORD are present in every situation we find ourselves in.

Maybe you too will be able to relate and learn from discovering the truth that is all around us in an upcoming series of books illustrated and written by me  entitled Journey through the lens, Life’s Journey “What I’ve Learned”.  I hope you can enjoy what has yet to be written in your life.                            

Jeff Paitson

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The artist Jeff Paitson on location in Arizona